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Fast, Accessible, and Reliable

Kolid S Team is one of the largest distribution companies in the Republic of Macedonia. Kolid has been established in 1994.

Brand Portfolio

We represent local and regional brands, including products for wide consumption in Republic of Macedonia.


Perennial development, production, and placement of own brands in the category of homemade and handmade cookies and desserts.

Distribution & Sales

Complete service, distribution, and logistics support throughout the sale channels to reach the last buyer nationwide.

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Many Years of Experience

Kolid S is one of the largest distribution companies for wide consumption in the Republic of Macedonia.

We started in 1994 as Kolid, distributing local brands. Today we represent some of the regional leaders like Kraš, Duel, Spin, Polimark, and ABC, as well as global brands like Barilla and Wudy.

Following the world trends for targeted market approach and concentration on aimed programs, in 2012, two independent distributive companies emerged. Kolid S Team was one of them.

Later we grew into a company that besides import and distribution and began producing traditional confectionary under the brand name Sunday, which became a leader in the region in the category of homemade and handmade cookies and desserts.

Years of experience



Kolid S takes the leading place in the production of homemade cookies and desserts known under the brand name Sunday.

Sunday is a family-owned business, an internationally-recognized manufacturer of high-quality homemade cookies.

  • The production plant takes up 5000 m2 of space, plus storage space.
  • International quality certificates.
  • We're present in international market chains in more than 25 countries.

Important Indicators


Kolid S constantly achieves growth and positive results that can be highlighted through important performance indicators.

Years of experience





Sweets factory


Kolid S Team owns three distribution centers with business and warehouse space, appropriately deployed to cover the entire country quickly and affordably.

We approach each partner with full commitment and professionalism, ensuring fast, timely and high-quality distribution.

We create a special dynamic and route for customers, which guarantees timely ordering and optimal quantities of "goods on the shelf" at any time.



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