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Kolid S is one of the largest distribution companies in the Republic of Macedonia, established in 1994.

The company was founded and is expanding based on four main pillars: one, an experienced and professional team; two, consistent investments in its key resources; three, a strong vision; four, a strategic focus on customer satisfaction oriented toward meeting the needs and desires of the end consumer.

The experienced and professional Kolid S team is always ready to respond to to the demands that large systems, store chains and other retailers have by providing high-quality distribution to an excellent standard.

Kolid S continually invests in its key resources. We focus on the thorough development of a stable distributive network, a suitable product portfolio, a modern and well-equipped warehouse, and a wide range of service vehicles. These key resources are instrumental in the successful execution of our modernized distribution process.


The mission of Kolid S relies on building strong brands by chiefly recognizing and satisfying the customers’ needs. We accomplish this through strategic analysis and continual monitoring of the market.

We recognize the market needs, desires and trends. We strategically select the most efficient channels of distribution and establish a clear and efficient sales strategy. We do all this in line with our company ethos.


Our vision is to become a leading national brand builder that will command the main market share, connecting producers and consumers in a fast, easy, and accessible manner.

Sustainability and social responsibility principles are key components of Kolid S. We support projects that support local community development and the development of local social segments.


Our highly successful and contemporary distributive system functions effectively due to our dedication to sustaining our employees' satisfaction, training needs, and commitment.

We have seen the fruits of investing in our employees’ needs and treating them and our clients with the utmost integrity.

Due to this, our company is growing at an incredible pace and achieving a high success rate while sustaining strong and consistent relations with our partners and employees.

The credo of the company that defines our core values is FAR (Fast, Accessible and Reliable):

  • We always strive to be fast and flexible when responding to the demands of the market and to the needs of our clients and collaborators.

  • We are accessible. We approach our partners with honesty and responsibility. We prioritize the on-time fulfillment of their needs. We pride ourselves on having created a friendly working environment from which our competent employees will always be happy to help and respond to the client's queries.

  • We dedicate our full attention, dedication, and competence to our work. Moreover, we approach the distribution of our clients' brands as we would our own, and we fully dedicate ourselves to their individual growth in the market. We are reliable.

Kolid S Company Activities

Kolid S Team is focused on fulfilling the needs and desires of its customers. We constantly achieve growth and positive results that can be highlighted through important performance indicators.

Years of experience





Sweets factory


Kolid S Team Skopje - Sales and Marketing

St. 5 Vizbegovo no.43, Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
✉️: info@kolidgroup.com
📱: +389 (0)2 55 14 200

Kolid S Team Strumica - Finance and Accounting

Koleshino bb, Strumica
Republic of Macedonia
✉️: info@kolidgroup.com
📱: +389 (0)34 351 030

Kolid S Team - Bitola

Industriska bb, Bitola
Republic of Macedonia
✉️: magacinbitola@kolidgroup.com
📱: +389 (0) 47 22 33 93

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