For more than 28 years, we have relied on stable partnerships and proven distribution channels to broadcast our company mission. We nurture constant and strong long-term cooperation with the large retail chains of markets in the country and with all other retail facilities.

We approach each partner with full commitment and professionalism, ensuring fast, timely and quality distribution. We create a special dynamic and route of visited customers, which guarantees ordering on time and optimal quantities of "goods on the shelf" at any time. Such a system allows us to deliver the products within 24 hours from the moment of ordering, and it is well adapted to our customers to be able to quickly and smoothly make urgent or extraordinary delivery.


For fast and safe order and delivery Kolid S Team has wide vehicle fleet that is equipped with new and modern vehicles. Every vehicle has a GPS device for constant follow-up and movement control.

Our company uses the Cross Docking system for our distribution needs. All of our stock supply is located in our central storage space in Skopje. The ordered stock gets distributed at the logistics centres in Bitola and Strumica, specifically Koleshino, daily and from there is distributed to the clients. Using this method, we can obtain the available stock for the whole distributive network in the territory of Republic of Macedonia.

The production process uses special software functionality that is built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This helps maintain the whole process of gathering raw materials and their distribution as a final product with traceability. With this, the process of production provides all the needed information and working standards that the market demands, as well as the most prominent costumers such as LIDL, Delhaize etc.


Warehouse space in number of pallets, location Skopje:

  • Food warehouse: 3200 pallets
  • Non-food warehouse: 1000 pallets
  • Cold storage warehouse: 600 pallets

As one of the leading distributive companies in Republic of Macedonia, through the years Kolid S Team has actively implemented modern information technology in order to attain our mission and main aims.

In doing this, we have become the largest distribution company for consumer products in the territory of Republic of Macedonia. In 2018, a new ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics NAV was implemented in our system. This software contains all the key processes and procedures of the company’s workload, aiding the increased efficacy of the sales team. With the aid of this online access database, the team can access the company data of stock and supply.



The company uses WMS (warehouse management system) which is built in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software. The software is adjusted to the specific needs of our workload. The system provides efficiency and accuracy throughout the process of receiving, storing, commissioning, and preparing stock as well as the movement of stock from one warehouse to another.

Kolid S Team has a bundle pack space in which the additional marking of the products, sets, package offers are made. In this manner the company is ready to answer the market needs for creating attractive sales and offers.

The administrative and storage space is over 9.000m2 and is designed in multiple segments:

  • Storage space with optimum temperatures separating the chemical goods from the food;
  • Degree of inflammability, frozen maintenance stock, and animal origin stock.

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